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PROJECTS - Ramey Elementary

Thomas B. Ramey Elementary
Tyler, TX

Tyler Independent School District determined Thomas B. Ramey Elementary be replaced as part of the 2004 Bond Program. It is designed to accommodate 600 students and is based on the Bell Elementary prototype design.

Ramey, like Bell Elementary, had an extremely restrictive building site and required significant modifications for site adaptation, including mirroring of the plan and adjustments in the location of the Cafetorium, Gym and playground areas. The core classroom section of the school is essentially the same as the Bell campus, as is the attractive enclosed courtyard.

The school maintains its unique identity through use of a different color palette and finish selections. Classrooms have bright accent walls, which differ from room to room, but complement the overall color scheme. Graphics found in the Gymnasium, Cafetorium and Library are unique, colorful and educational.

Ramey required redesign of one of its Resource Rooms to support a unique reading recovery program, which trains other teachers through observation to support reading improvement. The room is divided and separated by a one-way mirrored window, so that teachers can observe the program in practice.

Security at Ramey, as with Bell, is an important aspect of the design. In both schools, all doors are locked after school begins, requiring either card entry or entry through the Administration Reception Office. This assures no unauthorized personnel enter the school unnoticed during the school day. The ability to utilize the school’s Library, Gymnasium and Cafetorium after hours, without jeopardizing the security of the classrooms, is provided by roll-down security gates which block access to the classroom corridors, while providing access to the public areas. This also opens the possibility of using these areas for community functions, further supporting a community atmosphere.

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